Emma-Jane eating a Choo Choo bar, Qld.

Emma-Jane eating a Choo Choo bar, Qld.

Often people don’t get it when I say, ‘can you hear me?’

I’m not talking about the soft way I speak sometimes, but I mean is after a certain time people cannot hear you. Let’s say two people meet for the first time and connect but one decides to keep doing the ‘energic’ work while the other plods along. Eventually the one who isn’t doing the energy work will cease to hear the friend. 

It’s common in the work place too, where the one ‘doing the work’ on themselves will talk and the co-workers cannot hear or get them.

 I find this case as I know when someone can hear me as they understand or get what I’m talking about. 

You see once you begin the healing journey or a modality like Reiki, you’ll find that you just cannot talk about silly topics. Your conversations are a little more in depth and meaningful. 

 Even when I talk to people at work who are open, I say, ‘There will be a time when you cannot hear me.’ Which is the main reason why you have outgrown your time at the place and time to find a new job. 

Then the new place will match your new vibration and you won’t have to worry about the ‘can you hear me?’ issue because they are. 

I suppose it’s not something I would have thought about in my younger days, but I do recall how I out grew my various family history groups that I belonged to many years ago. It was like I had just been dropped out of a spaceship and no one was taking any notice any more! 

Then there came times I just didn’t gel with different people anymore. Years later it makes sense when I think of the different situations I was in at the time. I’m sure my vibration had risen to a point were I was not being heard. 

 Funny that.

 Can you hear me? 

 Obviously not. 

Post written circa 4th August, 2019