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Being an empathy person can really do your head in at times. Even if it is so we can tune in and be better healers, nurses, doctors, teachers or any professional that’s related to people and wellbeing.

 It doesn’t matter what words you write in a text, note or email because empaths hear in between words. Meaning the blank space in between the written words.

 Since the modern world relies on the mobile, I’m in favour of the text messaging due to my hearing loss. AND on numerous occasions I can ‘feel’ the message once I read the name of the sender.  

Then when I open the text I find my eyes are skimming over the words, but I can ‘hear’ the words that are not written. Some may call it the intent of the message. Like if the person is sussing out your whereabouts, perhaps wanting to steal your energy or put you down.

 Even if it is a gift, many people are not as sensitive…yet.

The only super sensitive ones who get it are the ones who have autism and it’s going to take time for the world to rise up to the new 5D energy on this planet. 

The time is now to heal ourselves to help everyone, especially the special kids who have autism.

This year in particular I found I could ‘feel’ the writers of books they wrote, because it was a goal to read every book that I own this year. And while picking each book up I could sense where the book needed to go and some I really struggled to read and then there were ones that the words literally flew off the page, particularly the new age 5D books like the Diana Cooper novels were magical. 

This is how we write in the new 5D way and full of love, not fear. The senses are finely tuned and many books will fall off the radar as the people’s energy rise because empathy is a big thing now and we know how to ‘read’ what’s not being said!

 It’s also wise to watch when you respond to any messages as it may receive the wrong outcome. 

Post written circa 25th July, 2019