You don't put on weight during ascension work.

You don't put on weight during ascension work.

For many years since starting the healing path I often craved foods when I was clearing out my belongings or simply deleting a few photos. Then when I attended a workshop in June 2016 I discovered we need to eat while doing ascension work it’s important to eat food even if think not.

Foods for ascension work is often the foods you do healing for like:

·      Chocolate

·      Chips

·      Popcorn

·      Tim Tams

·      Pizza

·      Cheese and crackers

·      Cakes

When we eat foods during a workshop we are informed we won’t put on weight. Just reminds me of a customer I once had say ‘what ever you eat on Fridays, you won’t put on weight!’

Maybe he was preparing me for this stage in my life.

The reason we eat during ascension work is because whilst we are working on emotions and deep pain is being released, the food helps anchor us and push through the barriers. Even if it we ate a packet of Tim Tams!

It’s no different to drinking lemon water or herbal tea, the flushing effect has the same principle that needs cleansing. So, don’t let that food banish you from moving forward.

Most times during workshops we share foods and its best to have snacky foods as often we are not in the mood to make sandwiches. Ideally I prefer sushi as it’s filling, followed sugary foods later.

Often times when you are not in workshops, you may crave these foods. Eat them as you could have just deleted 1,000 photos from your PC. It’s part of the process as the emotions that came up needs to be felt, not pushed aside.

From the head to the heart.

Food has no labels, often during our healing we ‘shift’ through portals of eating certain foods, then it stops.

We are here to enjoy what life has to offer.

But then it is a choice.

To let go.

Of the things about food.

Including food.

Especially during ascension work.