Working with the Medicine Stone

 Blowing into a medicine stone

Blowing into a medicine stone

Once, I left the shamanic workshops in Sydney that covered many relationships issues, in particular, mine was my marriage, that ended 16 years prior.

Like many workshops and healings, we often have the opportunity to take a medicine stone and blow in all our worries, thoughts and frustrations happening at that time.

Working with the medicine stone can set you free in many ways.

But, it wasn’t until a couple of days after my healing at the Mind, Body and Festival in Melbourne that I experience how powerful the medicine stone is.

Still in a fragile state from the healing, something tripped me and threw me of my grids so far that I became a trembling mess. Emotionally and energetically, so Iwas given a medicine stone and headed outside and sat down in the basking sun and asked Pachamama (Mother Earth) to take away my worries, as she could transmute them into the Earth for me.




Exactly what happened.

For once in my life I actually felt all those concerns leave me and be transmuted by the stone, just by blowing into it!

Seriously, it works.

 A sacred medicine stone

A sacred medicine stone

The following day, I was about to go to a workshop when I received a text that triggered me again and fortunately I had my mini stone I gathered at Sydney for my own future medicine stone collection and began blowing in that.

Which helped as most of it had disappeared by the time the workshop arrived.

May you be offered a medicine stone at some point, it’s a great way to place all your thoughts, beliefs or simply express what your fears are at the time and they will be gone forever in due course.

Eventually, as I progress through the Munay Rites I will gather many more stones to be activated and be used for my own clients in the coming months or years, whether you believe so or not.

Only you will know.

It takes trust.

To believe.

On this path of healing.

You. Me.

Are all in this together.

Healing with Stones and Mother Earth.


Just one part of it.