Today (23rd Mar, 2014) I left the house in my sky blue casual wear for a walk. My sunglasses kept the glare from the low lying grey clouds as I strolled past the nearby café’s of locals drinking coffee alongside their tapas. Further down the road I past a snazzy pizza restaurant with a waiter inside clearing a near empty table. Several metres behind the waiter there was a young toddler jiggling around behind the closed front door. Her large red curls bounced around on her head. I came to a slight halt and peered down into her sparkling cocoa brown eyes. I smiled as she continued to dance around with her cheeky smile titling head back and forth until I moved away waving my hand at her.

Lightning speed moments later I spotted a shiny red car parked on the other side road I was about to cross and came to an almost complete stop. Then it dawned on me that this was a special car, something rare in my area. I don’t see cars like this everyday. Especially on my walks the speciality cars in my area are Range Rovers, FJ cruisers, Jaguars or an extreme a Rolls Royce.

I was instantly mesmerized by the sparkling silver symbol on the back of the low-lying vehicle.

‘Wow,’ I thought. “I was only chatting to someone the other day on Facebook about these cars.” I moved closer to the car and lent over and my eyes danced over the words “Ferrari.” My body radiated like the sun as I turned and walked away with a broad smile.

Then, several hours later in North Melbourne several suburbs from my home I placed my heavy load of freshly washed clothes in the car and slowly drove out of my car space.  Only to look ahead slightly at another parked car on the left hand side. My jaw dropped, I was now mesmerised again by a shiny symbol of a horse on the sparking red car like I had seen earlier. I pulled the car up near the back of the car and lifted my butt off the seat and peered over the bonnet of my car to read the words on the back of the car ‘Ferrari,’ it said.

‘Damn,’ I thought. “This is second time today I haven’t taken a photograph of the snazzy red Ferrari.”

Were these two cars the same ones? Or separated ones? Why twice? Was it because I didn’t GET the message first time round? Eventually I drove off wondering what was the message behind this event today?

The red Ferrari could have meant lots things. Even the colour red is associated with fire and passion. Indicating that it’s a sign to ignite that writing firebug within in me?

When I got home, I was jumped around in under clothesline wishing the clothes would peg themselves. The passion for writing was literally bursting out of my body. Something that I was experiencing in the last few days.

Many of us know that this car is known for the fast pace racing car and would leave me sitting at the starting line in my Toyota.

It wasn’t until was a bit more settled from the clothes line incident that I checked my IPhone for the meaning of the Ferrari symbol.



My eyes lit up seeing the words ‘Prancing Horse.’ Straightaway I saw the words Crazy Horse in my head. Crazy Horse is a well-known Native American I had found in my recent research for writing class topic. Was the Crazy Horse spirit energy pushing me to write? I often see the popular quote used by the Indian people: - In The Spirit of the Crazy Horse.

Moments later while writing was bursting out of me I was given another insight that the Red Ferrari was another sign to remind me of my journey with the Native American’s.

That I am…

 ~Walking the Red Road~

Post written circa 23rd March 2014 (Event actual day)