Children’s film ‘Paulie’ is so hilarious

Children’s film ‘Paulie’ is so hilarious

Are you one of those people who gets told to stop talking? Talking get you into trouble if you are not focused on following your life’s mission.

May that be helping others to see a new light or open the heart space to be of better service to themselves and the world. 

The following is a transcript from the movie Paulie, a comical children’s film about a parrot. 

Misha: ‘You’re lonely, I think. I am lonely.

             In Russia 

             I was a teacher of literature

 In America

I’m a cleaner of bird crap

I miss words

I miss my language 

I would like someone to talk to.’

Paulie: ‘Join the club.’

Misha: What?’

Paulie: ‘I said, join the club.’

Misha: ‘So I’m not crazy. You CAN talk.’

Paulie: ‘Of course I can talk.’

Misha: ‘Then why not?’

Paulie: ‘Because talking gets you into a lot of trouble.’

Misha: Trouble? Why you say that?’

Paulie: It’s a long story

Misha: I’m Russian 

            I like long stories.


 Once you understand and begin your healing journey, the conversations change from talking about the weather, who’s sick to what’s the latest idea, tip you’ve made to changing your life. 

Seriously, I have some friends I can text certain things without being hit over the head and others I just talk about simple things, like ‘I’ve stopping drinking hot chocolate since I last saw you or I’ve bought jam jar for my lucky coins I find!”

 Sometimes people forget about their co-workers who live alone or may not have ventured far from a home after a weekend away from work, that the get labelled a chatter box. 

The more you come into your self, you kinda get the drift that talking does get you into trouble and you are inclined to speak less. Mostly due to the people around are no longer a vibrational match and you grow tired of the mundane talk of how much someone drank on Saturday night or where they went. Compared to a you spent volunteering helping the world be a better place. 

 Eventually you stick to not wanting to voice anything and do your job, even if others believe you are gasbagging while working away.

They will soon find out.

From the day you leave.

Things will never be the same.

Because you are the healer and doing the work, even if talking DID get you into trouble. It was a valuable lesson learnt.

Working with others. 

Post written circa 3rdNovember, 2015, 27thJuly, 2019