Wowser! Look at that Third Eye

After sitting up on the healing table, Turtle Woman said ‘Oh look at your face. We should have got a photo before we started.’

I knew.

I could feel it.

Then after a few minutes I went into the bathroom and I took a look in the mirror and gleaned over my soft pink cheeks and amazed at the sparkle in my eyes.

It was blissful.

Turtle Woman took a snap of my face on my phone and it took me by surprise the moment she pointed to forehead.

‘Wowser! Look at that third eye,’ I thought.

Now, I was mesmerized and thoughts began flicking through my mind of how many photos I have seen and never something like this.


Because of a shamanic healing with the Turtle Woman.

However, this year is kinda different for me as I felt I’m ready to outsource others to help me shift deeper stuff that have been clinging to me for years.

Since working with the Turtle Woman.

·      My writing has taken off.

·      Numerous changes in my diet within a few days.

·      A different outlook towards food at home and at work.

Although since March 2011, when my Reiki journey begun, I’ve mainly been working on myself and for two years with male friend we had weekly swaps of Reiki and other healing modalities he learnt along the way.

Over that time my third eye has slowly being opened like a flower petal and it’s now being magnified with the work I’m doing this year. Just take look at the photo because you can see how it’s expanding.

There comes a time in our journey that we need others to help us, especially healing. Not only is my third eye growing, but also I’m supporting another on their life’s purpose and I feel this is important too.

Isn’t that how it’s mean to be?


 First healing by Turtle Woman

First healing by Turtle Woman