Where’s the Scream?

Is it in the throat?

Is it in the chest?

Or some place else?

Who would have thought that a scream could come from many places?

So….Where’s the scream?

That’s right it’s coming from inside of me. I just want to crawl around on the floor and scream just like we did when we where babies?

But why?

Was it someone else's energy?

This scream was coming from inside the lower tummy area and didn't want to come out.

Why won’t come out?

It took some months before it passed through my first shamanic healing with my Melbourne teacher - Turtle Woman. 

As it turned out there were years of unexpressed emotions trapped inside my chest. 

Then shortly after they were released, I discovered it was in fact a certain person that had triggered it.

So it was fixed.

Next time, you want to scream, check where it is! 

Because it maybe trying to escape you without revealing the truth.