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You know from a small child, I disliked people who didn’t do the right thing.  Like playing tricks on others as my parents often did, Or people making promises just to fob you off, and straight down to those kids who love to brag untruths, like saying they where conceived on Christmas Eve, just because their birthday fell on 24th September. 

Even though, all these things did happened when I was growing up, I just thought it was because I was deaf. NO


What does being authentic mean?

Being authentic means making decisions and operating from the heart space,  this includes, caring for others. 

It also means to be living your life in truth.

When we lead an authentic life,  we buy something from a shop at reasonable price and we give it to our friends for the same price. We are not here to make money off others to self-gain either. The same as telling fibs to others to make the authentic person look like they are in the wrong. 

It maybe a co-worker is playing along with you, so you do all their work and they go home on time, and you are the one stuck back at work to do your job indicates they are not being authentic at all. 

Times are changing when we become extremely sensitive that we can feel when people are not authentic. Of course they are used to people believing their little lies, similar to those people who take in tenants to over charge them. That’s not being in truth of the soul who we really are. That's living in fear and his name is EGO. 

The secret and meaning to life is living, breathing and acting every day the authentic way... 

And that means to serve others less fortunate than ourselves. 




Post written 4thJune, 2018 (Additional edits 16th and 17th July, 2018)