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What makes you think that people can do anything and no body would know about it? The truth is, the new wave of energy healers have the ability to ‘see through you.’


Are you authentic?

The folks that are not living an authentic life will struggle down the road as the feminine energy is on the rise, which means everything we do has to have meaning.

From selling products at the right price, getting housemates and sharing the correct rent rate (not adjusting to make your fee lower) or simply not working as team in daily tasks in the work environment. 

Basically, I cannot tolerate being around people who are not authentic, and when you become authentic, those who are not will be removed from your life. 

Easy as that.

There is a lot of unauthentic situations happening in the world now and most it around the money. Say you are in business that sells food, the ones responsible for bringing in the money only see people as dollar signs and make cheap foods that don’t benefit the customer. (Remember we are customers to many businesses too) 

When you are not authentic, the food that’s being made feels wrong as you begin to feel what the customer is feeling too. I understand as there has been many times when a little voice inside of me was ready to scream, ‘don’t buy it.’ Imagine if I had done that? It could have lead to job loss in the future. The best bet in those situations is to remove yourself from it completely. 

Even, if it means to leave your job.

Another authentic one will come your way.

Those who are not authentic seem to have no feelings towards others and often fit in the basket of liars, manipulators, or self-serving in their own right. It’s not healthily and they are only meeting the company’s needs, not their own when they realise what they are doing.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are authentic?

There is no different to finding and following a new public figure on social media and reading their post only to sense a few months down that the wording feels different and you wonder why? You wonder why you cannot connect to those words like you had earlier. Then you discover that someone else had been writing and not the person you want to hear from. That’s also part of you only wanting to follow authentic people. I totally get it, as it happened to me once, I knew that the words I was reading were not coming from the source I had signed up for. 

That’s when I discovered years later I only want to deal with authentic people. 


But it’s important to know who is authentic and who is not as you soon find you cannot read or connect with them. 


If they are in your work place, your patience and time for time will not exist!

That’s how we roll.

Once you decide if you are authentic or not then you can make changes from there. Start with yourself and see what changes you can make.

Because when you are authentic, the people around you will change or you will only deal with people who respect you. 

Regardless of what others think.   





Post written 4thJune, 2018