Late in the afternoon, at work, I suggested to a co-worker to get pizza, not even thinking that I would be the one to end up with it instead.

Although the strangest part was I had previously been craving vegie burgers, but my online work training for work had been completed.

The visions for pizza never left me.

I had a nap.

Woke up to the vision of that pizza place.

So, I jumped in the shower and went…

Within metres from the shop when I glanced through the window I spotted a person standing where no one really stays stationary.

I brushed that feeling off until I stepped through the door.

It felt different.

The busyl lady who used to give me a warm smile wasn’t there.

The young Indian guy who knew my order off by heart was not making the pizzas.

Then I turned and found the menu board gone. It’s been there since my first visit long before I moved.

A feeling washed over me that it may have changed ownership as the menu on the front counter was pushed under my nose. Like – here you are. Just order.

I did not like the feeling, from the moment I entered the shop till the time I left.

It felt empty.

The shelving behind the counter seemed empty.


As it turned out they young guy had worked there for seven years and returned to his home land. So, while I sat there waiting for my pizza and wondering what had happened to this place.  

Why was it lacking the vibe it once had?

Was it me?

Why did I get the images in my head to ‘get a pizza’ when I seriously had had enough of them at Christmas with my family?

Once I was handed my pizza, I headed to my car, got in a flipped the lid. It looked the same, but the energy around the pizza was different, even though it tasted marvellous.

Sometimes, we associate things with past memories. The first time, I had these pizzas was when I visiting a long distance relative in the area, while doing family research as I had come from interstate at that time.

My instant impression was the box it came in, the egg carton paper look alike was so intriguing, that is how I remember that place. However over the years that the common ‘pizza’ box was replaced and I felt it had lost it’s appeal. Even then. But still returned for the wood oven pizza, as it was the best I had ever eaten.

Often, whenever we have been dealing with food addictions, or the need to ‘let go’ of and idea or belief, we are drawn back to that place for closure. SO…we can fully except that old belief of ‘that’s the best pizza in town,’ like so.

For me I see closure, which may indicate a move to another suburb or that food will no longer serve me soon.

However that comes I’m ready for the change.


Footnote: Written in February 2016