A glimpse of the thief BLOG.jpg

It was Friday afternoon, and my plans were tossed in air, as I had  planned to catch up with a fellow work mate. Plus, my car registration renewal payment was due, and now that was my first priority. 

It wasn’t until I got to where I had intended to pay, only to find that Post Office had moved! Hence stepping back out onto the street, with dark grey clouds, people bustling by with a panic look in their eyes, as though the sky was about to open up with a bucket of water, any moment....Which meant I needed to get home.

I grabbed some hot chips and raced for the tram, swiped my card and sat down in the seat for special needs. Then I  dipped my hand into the chip box and popped one in my mouth.

A couple of stops down a girl ushered along in the crowded tram and sat down. Her hair was familiar, her every seemed familiar and then... a knowing of who she was, washed over me.

My heart beat faster....

Now, I had just got a glimpse of the thief.

Not just any thief.

But the one who had stole from me nearly two years earlier.

Incidentally, at work my co-worker and I had only spoke of her a day or too earlier.


Then she saw me and doubled back. 

My face was expressionless.

Then she did the unthinkable.

She laughed.

And laughed like you were a sucker!

I had a choice, I could have got up and said unpleasant words and then fled the tram.


I chose not to. However, I trusted my intuition.

I ‘saw’ and had a knowing that her heart was now throbbing in her throat.

Her habit taught me a valuable lesson.

In taking back my power.

Because, I am strong. 

It’s okay to live alone.

Post written circa 22 November 2015, 16 February 2016 (Actual Event November, 2015)