Healing with the Tulips

 Dutch Tulip Festival, 18th September, 2016

Dutch Tulip Festival, 18th September, 2016

On Sunday 18th of September I ventured out to the Tulip Festival with my friend Ms S and soaked up the healing energy of the flowers.

 Although we stayed to the side most times, I could hear the flowers calling me to get in amongst them, even if it meant mud clinging to our boots and squatting down for a few minutes didn’t seem to do us any harm.

That’s where healing with the tulips came to help.

At one point when Ms S and I climbed in the tulips for a shoot we waited for the stranger to take several snaps before making our way back to my phone. Then instantly I noticed my vision had changed.

 Ms S and I among the tulips on the Dutch Weekend.

Ms S and I among the tulips on the Dutch Weekend.

The flowers seemed extra vibrant.

Had they changed or had we.

I said, ‘Have we had an awakening in those tulips.’ It certainly felt like it.

Then future around in another patch I could feel an inclination to walk among the tulips for the whole row.

Despite how muddy it was!

Then part way along the path Ms S took some photos and I noticed my leg began vibrating from the earth upwards.


It was strong.

Followed by energy radiating outwards from my legs.

These tulips were certainly giving back something I was yet to experience later.  Even though I never had that WOW factor but I knew being among those flowers was healing me in a magical way and it was even more rewarding it sharing with a friend.

From a couple of slips in the mud, made it all part of the fun as we where able to laugh it off.  Magic happens when you least expect it and today was one of them.

 Mud is DIRT

Mud is DIRT

Slips or not.

Mud is dirt.

Dirt is Earth.

And we are here to HEAL the Earth.