Eleven years ago I left the Country for Good

 The car 

The car 

Today remarks a special day in history for me. - 19th September -

It was on this day, eleven years ago I left the country for good, for a better life in the City (Melbourne).

·      With no job

·      No idea what was going to happen next

·      Only a car load of personal belongings

The strange idea of leaving without a job might sound scary to you, but I had a calling deep down that this was where I was meant to be. For as long as I can remember, Melbourne always held a special place in my heart and still does.

Within two weeks I got a job in a pizza shop, which later played an important role in my life in Melbourne and the foundation for many things to follow afterwards where formed here.

In these eleven years, living in Melbourne has given me the most amazing, rewarding and challenging times in this wonderful city. Met many wonderful people along the way who have gain from my insight and taught me wonderful things too.

I’ve grown from not like being on my own to living on my own.

19th September, 2005 will remain a day that changed the course of my life for the best.

 A dutch wedding in Emmelord, The Netherlands. 19th September, 2008

A dutch wedding in Emmelord, The Netherlands. 19th September, 2008


Also on this day I attended a Dutch wedding in 2008 an amazing 8 years ago. Memories came flooding back as I saw many trinkets, clogs and the food at the Dutch Festival yesterday. You can read about it here.

As the same is about to happen soon in the near future.

Just my car and me.

Because, I’ve always said ‘When I leave this house, I’m only taking what fits in my car.’