Williamstown beach, Vic 25th DecembEr, 2016

Williamstown beach, Vic 25th DecembEr, 2016

From the moment I got a vision to throw some crystals in the ocean, I knew it had to be done that morning.  Unbeknownst to me I would be my accepting souls contract.


I slowly entered the chilly waters at Williamstown beach holding two clear quartz in my right hand completely. Before long I was completely immersed in the calm waters edging my way to the deeper parts and eventually stopped…

 Then I prayed with my intentions over the stones and set them free.

And waited. 

I floated.


Within minutes I was standing in the water watching and for something to happen. In a moment of stillness my body began to change…

Vertical lines appeared in my eyes as my vision began to roll and wave over the water as I moved my glance across the horizon of carrier ships in the distance. Little did I know as the waves where rippling towards me brought me to the time in my life when I saw my soul returning home. 

It was in that moment I realised I was accepting souls contract during that space of time. My life’s purpose has now been revealed that it’s my job in this lifetime to take care of the ocean and waterways. 

The words ‘I am the water girl,’ appeal before me. 

Then the wind changed and in that instant I knew my job was done and Great Spirit was taking my wishes through the ocean waters.

I was now firmly standing on the ocean floor as water filled my eyes and trickled down my cheeks into the grey rippling water. Thoughts flooded through me as I comprehended it’s my role to write, with a knowing my writing will change. Within minutes the tears had stopped as let the wind brushed roughly against my back and gently rotated my body back and forth to scan the light grey clouds moving behind the people flocking the sandy beach to the ever changing horizon of boats and ships. 


Before long, I meandered my way towards the shores staring down into the clear waters and white feather floated towards me and I picked it up and held for a few moments before releasing it into the winds. An orange starfish was laid on the ocean bed undisturbed in the presence of the Great Spirit.

Then I gently left the water with my arms across over my chest embracing the profound experience I had only ever read about. 

It’s now my time to write and help heal the earth.

My mind drifted as I lied on the red bath towel and moments later a lady bug landed on my leg.

I didn’t hesitate.

Because as I drove home, more signs made their way to me in number plates…