IPHONE 5 Actual phone that ‘beeped’

IPHONE 5 Actual phone that ‘beeped’

On Saturday the tenth of September, 2016 in Melbourne, a new friend came over to my place for a Reiki swap. By chance Ms E and I had only met by chance a few weeks earlier. 

Before long, I was on the massage table snug under the aqua fleeced blanket, minus my hearing aids. 

 ‘Would you like music?’ asked Ms E. I shrugged as I would barely hear it anyway. 

Then I heard a beep in dead silence and had an instant knowing. 

‘Was it Ms E’s phone?’

 ‘Or mine?’ I thought. Ms E didn’t move, so it must have been mine. How odd was that?

My phone was on the computer desk two rooms away, yet I could barely hear the music. Why was I hearing the sound of text messages when my phone was on airplane mode setting!


This isn’t the first time it’s happened. 

A few months earlier, I was in my bed one afternoon and heard the beep in deep silence.

‘That must be impossible’ I thought.

Because my phone was being charged in the kitchen, two rooms away on airplane mode. Then some time later I hit the airplane mode button and not one but two text messages beeped away. 


Then another time, while an afternoon nap with my phone on the windowsill in airplane mode. I heard a beep in dead silence again and an instant vision of my mother was seen in my dreamtime. A few minutes later, I woke and turned on my phone to find a miss call from Mum

Post written circa 11th September 2016, 19thDecember, 2018 [Actual event 10 Sep 2016 and earlier]