All guide drawings come complete with a message via Lyn Shiona. Fortunately for me, they all come forth, quickly. Apart from your Guardian Angel and your master Male and Female guides, others come and go, depending on what you need at the moment. Lyn has completed all my guide drawings at the Melbourne Mind, Body and Spirit except the Unicorn which was done by request when I visited her home after a trip to Byron Bay.

Spirit Guide Drawing ANGEL BLOG.jpg


This Guardian Angel protects me from life dangers and is with me 24/7 for my entire life. The coloured lines on the outside of my Guardian are the Archangels. BLUE ~ Archangel Michael and GREEN ~ Archangel Gabriel.

Fun Fact: Hence this was the very first guide drawing, I never got her name. I believe it maybe Gabrielle….

Spirit Guide Drawing STORM and WHITE FLOWER BLOG.jpg


Storm is my male master guide and has been with me for 24/7 for my entire life and until my last breath. He stands on my right and gives me nudges. He’s the one help me with my writings and anything academic. 
White Flower is Storms wife and they both love me like a child of theirs.

Fun Fact: White Flower is a past life. Which make Storm extra protective of me. 

Spirit Guide Drawing WHITE OWL BLOG.jpg


White Owl a medicine woman of her time is a past life of mine. She was shunned by her tribe and left with her to drum to live in the bush. Hence the reason why my ears are tuned to drums beats, no matter how far away they are. White Owl came was presence in my life at the time, to assist me in my healing journey, along with the Reiki swaps that where occurring at that time in my life.

Spirit Guide Drawing GANDOH BLOG.jpg


Gandoh is known my many names and he helps me to achieve whatever I want in life, from levitating or just to go up on stage. I just have to ask him. Nothing is impossible for him.

Fun Fact: While in a meditation some time before this guide drawing, I saw this man and assumed it was ‘John Lennon’ as they are so alike. 

Spirit Guide Drawing INKAH BLOG.jpg


Inkah was a guide at that time to help reduce my belongings and guided me to live like the eskimo’s. Meaning a high protein diet and lead a simple life as they did. When needed to get food, they cut a hole in the ice, put a rod in the water and caught the fish. The bear on her back is often known to shied my back as to help me, meaning like he was the eyes on my back.

Spirit Guide Drawing HIGHER SELF BLOG.jpg


At the time of this drawing, I never expected to have/see my higher self drawn. Hence this was the only one that I froze when asked ‘What would you like to ask your higher self?” BLANK. One thing I did understand was the messages of all those lines, where in fact my past lives being extracted from my body, leaving behind all the wisdom for me to use. In truth, I physically felt these lines in a a form of waves moving off my body and at the time, this process happened over a coarse of a few months. At once stage when I was laying on the table, a fellow reiki swap participant eyes widen when she informed me that she felt the waves leave from under her hands. It moved across the body from the right.

Spirit Guide Drawing MACY BLOG.jpg


Macy is my female Master guide and has been with me 24/7 since I was conceived. This guide is a past life of mine, although she died as young adult sometime after as a nurse in a war (Not sure which one). Makes sense as I have that caring for others within me. Once Macy crossed of she ascended higher and became more like a fairy then a human form spiritual guide. Macy is a fun character and I physically felt her presence around 2012 one morning while laying in bed.

Spirit Guide Drawing VIOLET BLOG.jpg


Violet appeared to me during a soul retrieval sitting in the serene waters waters that flow throw Minyon Falls, NSW. Cannot reveal what role she will be, but her unicorn is a representation of myself. When I have faith in what I believe and do, the horn (spiral of energy) is full height and when I’m in doubt or others put me down, it shrinks. Violet is to teach me to stand alone and continue to do the work and know I’m taken care of.