Did you know that time in not real? Yes, we are here on Earth to make changes immediately, but to be locked in by time is not how it should be.

When you are in the flow, time speeds up. 

When you are in tune you arrive everywhere on time.

When you are locked in to someone else’s closed off world, it rattles you. In some cases it’s simply not possible to be bogged down to a time here and time there as the old world spins and only has people rushing around in the same place.

For me and some others, the time flows better when you are not locked into saying I’ll be home XX or I’ll be over your place at this time. 

Sometimes it’s impossible to give a time, and only those who live in the country understand that the time to get to places can vary. 

You may wake up and feel the need to take your time driving to your destination or race home to beat the traffic or heat (in Australia). Other times, your feet feel super lazy and tend to drop off the accelerator. I’ve experienced situations like your car really is guiding you home to arrive at precisely the time you need to be there.

Ever since leaving South Australia, I find it difficult to say a time, as I live my life in the flow, and only spirit knows the way. 

Maybe this is the same for you?

When I say I don’t know, means I don’t know. 

As time is not real in soul time, it’s this 3D way of a life of being locked in. A life that isn’t in any form a spontaneous one. 

One time a few years ago while dinning with a friend, the topic came about how someone we knew, lived a life of locking themselves in so much from dawn to dusk, that there was simply no room to add an extra thing to their day. It was during that conversation that I heard, ‘You cannot live spontaneously if you are booked up every single moment of your day.’ 

Oh my gosh, that stayed with me and it’s so true. 

Yes, there are times when we have appointments to attend, that’s different, we have to roll with those situations.

Time is not real for we have to adjust to being in the flow, in all areas of our lives. Being to ridged with time, we may miss the best opportunity of discovering something new. 

 My wish is for others to recognised this trait and work on it so your life can flow more with ease and let the magic reveal it’s self. 

Post written circa  25thDecember, 2018