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NB: Post originally published on 27th November, 2016 (Reposted due to an error)

Today is one year since the night that changed me in many ways. It all started when had a healing session at the MBS and was told to attend the workshop that following Friday.

            ‘Are you for real?’ I thought. ‘She’s a Shaman she must know?’

Then that moment when she arrive it felt like the arrival of a queen. She walked through the crowd with ease and I had knowing it was going to be the best decision I had made.

I felt in awe when I entered the room as it was completely different to what I had ever experienced! The candles, the gemstones, crystals, swords and those glass things I never seen before.

Her words resonated with me from the moment she spoke and spent the night nodding. All those things in my life that I had been happening and didn’t make sense were now making lots of sense.

Although I’m not one for speaking up in this rather large group, we all had to hold one of those glass things that turned out to be a merkabah and say our name. Due to my quiet voice I was asked to repeat with blood rushing to my cheeks.

Fortunately, for me I knew one of the students and felt at ease when she assisted with the activation process later in the night. Even though it felt like I had walked in blind, but somehow I knew it was where it was meant to be.

While many words like 5D and sacred geometry was beyond me, I sat, listened and just absorb what was happening. Then at one point certain people where choosen to hold a merkabah while she helped us through. It was all fine until we where asked to raise them above our heads and my arms literally began shaking and I thought I was about to have tantrum! Upper body strength was not my virtue.

Then once the activations began to roll and the music got louder to the point I could not hear what she was saying, there was still some unprocessed emotions within me.

Often the group was move around and it seemed like I was stuck to my seat as it’s vital for me to lip read.



 While I had been up since 5am I was wondering when it was going to end? Although final activations were taking place it was well past midnight and due to been put into groups, mine was going to be the last.

However while I was watching and admiring those beautiful selenite swords, (even dreamed if having my own) there where people dropping on to the floor and resting. ‘What the heck?’ I thought. Little did I know this work was like lightening bolts compared to my ‘reiki’ as I had known it.

Eventually, by 1 am I had received my activation and I could no longer hold my eyes open any longer and headed for home.

Although, I can’t recall exactly what followed afterwards. I did learn that from night onwards I was prepared to take the following day off.

There was a shamanic workshop on the Sunday but something inside me knew it wasn’t time yet.

For sure.

It was then.

But the from that night.

It rolled into a shamanic year.

For 2016.

The best year yet.

That night had changed me.

As one year later I’m living life the 5D life.

Post written circa 26th November, 2016