What the customers are saying

It was very revealing. Emma-Jane you are very talented.
27th July 2016
— Liz
I feel energized after meeting you.
— Lori
For my distance reiki session, I was guided by Emma to simply lay in bed and be comfortable. Used to having rituals, I took some flower essences, applied essential oil-balms, surrounded myself with beautiful crystals and played some soothing music. It started off as expected. Lulled by the music in the background and aromas, my basic senses were attuned to comfort. However, after around 10 minutes, I had this sudden desire to turn off the music, shift the focus from what was around me and simply observe what was happening to my body. As I hit stop on my phone, the sonata playing before which entranced my senses was replaced by a loud ringing in my ears. Like a melody, the ringing had a pattern to it which changed in pitch and frequency. I enjoyed the reverberations pulsing through my ear canals, echoing the energies through the rest of my body. A new sensation which I welcomed with awe and curiosity. Was this my ear chakras being healed?
The lightness which surged through my body was a delight to experience. I knew then that something powerful was happening to me and I remember having so much love and gratitude for the universe emanating from my heart at that time (and I still do!). I felt a lot was being released and this was confirmed by Emma after she relayed the messages which came through for her as she was conducting the healing session. I wrote this review just after having come out of a deep meditation a few days after the session. Even the quality of my meditation has shifted! You might find yourself blissfully noticing these transformations as the days go by. Emma is a truly gifted and inspirational healer. Her passion and dedication to being of service as she blazes her own path is incredible. Trust that as Emma continues on her journey, I’ll be requesting distance healing sessions (and maybe even in-person one day when I’m back in Melbourne) from time to time as I’m curious to see the positive shifts in her healing practice which naturally occurs as we walk our path truthfully.
25th July, 2016
— Ellis
I want to publicly thank ‘Emma-Jane Watson’ for your help today. I am not that clued up in all ways of the computer but what you told me today has helped so much. You are a wonderful friend :-)
— Raelene
Over the past year, I’ve had two distance healings by Emma. Both during a time when I was dealing with grief, as result in the second one I got insight to help others who have a hearing loss. That session inspired me to start a Facebook group for the hearing impaired.
15th August 2016
— Andrew
I met Emma-Jane in the online world in early 2015 and it has been such a pleasure knowing her. I have also had the privilege of receiving a distance healing from Emma-Jane in relation to an ongoing injury and chronic pain. Although I am not a spiritual person, I accepted Emma-Jane’s healing with an open mind, as I was feeling particularly stressed and fearful about my situation. In the days and weeks after the healing and with Emma-Jane’s continued guidance, I began to feel a lot calmer and more hopeful about my injury and road to health. Emma-Jane has been incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout my healing journey and I look forward to working with her again in the future. 20th August 2016
— Bec - Pop Your Career