Grounding With The Grass Between Your Toes



It never really occurred to me how important it is to walk on grass. Since moving to Melbourne in 2005 it simply did not cross my mind that walking on grass plays an vital role in our well being.

That’s why we need to spend time outdoors grounding with the grass between our toes for better health. May it be playing with the children, reading a book or just walking bare foot in the backyard.

Although, I grew up where the snakes that lived under our house I was always alert where I placed my feet because snakes loved water and summer was perfect for it.  I often walked on the grass in the summer to move the sprinkler and boy did that feel good providing you didn’t see any visitors! 

Especially at the last farm house had the brittle buffalo grass that brushed under your feet like those masseur shoes as it got the circulation going.

This sacred source of walking on decent lawn did wonders for my health, either walking over it or simply laying down for a few minutes. It was vital.

Now, that I’m living in a place, that has only pebbles and unwanted weeds.  My backyard is not where I can get grounded.

It may sound simple but it is really a sacred path to better health.

I crave for a decent lawn.




 GRass Grounding for our health

GRass Grounding for our health